MP High Court Order : Domecile Rule in MPDME MBBS/BDS admission in MP State

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Jabalpur High Court passed an order today, related to implementation of domicile rule for admission in MBBS and BDS courses in Private Colleges of MP state. we are providing the copy of order given by Jabalpur High Court in this post . As soon as we got other authentic detailed information we will update you here. 

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Update – Supreme Court to MPDME : Complete MBBS/BDS admission process till 7th October

Update –  Domicile certificate is not required now for admission in private colleges of M.P according to Supreme Court’s order on 3rd October 2016

Update – After Jabalpur High Court’s decision MP Government decided that , the allotment of seat in Private Medical and Dental colleges will be given to M.P domicile candidates.

Download – Allotment List (Second Round Govt. / First Round Private) 


Download –  Official Jabalpur High Court Order

Official Jabalpur High Court Order – 


Shri T. S. Ruprah, learned Senior Counsel, Shri Shailesh Tiwari, Shri Vipin Yadav, Shri Aditya Sanghi with Shri Harpreet Ruprah counsel for petitioners.

Shri Deepak Awasthy, learned Govt. Advocate for the State.

With the consent of the learned counsel for the parties and looking to the urgency in the matter, the matters are heard finally.

In these petitions the petitioners have challenged the constitutional validity of Regulation-6 of the Madhya Pradesh Sahayata Na Paane Waale Niji Chikitsa Mahavidyalayon Evam Chikitsa Mahavidyalayon Mein M.B.B.S Tatha B.D.S Pathyakram Mein Pravesh Ki Patrata, Pravesh Ki Reeti Evam Sthanon Ke Aarakshan ( Jismein Videsh Mein Rah Rahe Bharatiya Nagrikrikon Va Anivasi Bharatiya Abhyardhiyoin Ke Liyea Sthanon Ka Aarakshan Sammillit Hai) Ke Liye Viniyam, 2016 (hereinafter referred to as the Regulation of 2016), which excludes applicability of the requirement of domicile/permanent residence in respect of general category MBBS and BDS seats available for admission in private Medical and Dental Colleges in the State of M.P. While most of the judgment is dictated in the Court, it is observed that it would take time to type and finalize the judgment and to make it available to the parties, however as the counseling for the allotment of Colleges is going on and has to be completed by 30t h September 2016 in view of the directions issued by the Supreme Court, therefore, we propose to record and pronounce our conclusions in the Court itself and issue the necessary directions to the respondents.

We are of the considered opinion that Regulation-6 of the Regulations of 2016, as far as it excludes the applicability of the requirement of domicile/permanent residence in respect of the General Category candidates seeking admission to M.B.B.S and B.D.S courses in Private Medical and Dental Colleges, is ultra vires as it violates the equality clause under Article 14 of the Constitution of India and amounts to denial of equality of opportunity in view of the law laid down by the Supreme Court in various decisions and the fact that the State of M.P. is the only State which has done so thereby denying the students of M.P. a level playing field and for the detailed reasons mentioned by us in the judgment.

The respondent/State is directed to apply the criteria of permanent residence/domicile as provided under Regulation-6 of the Regulations of 2016 to students seeking admission in private Medical and Dental Colleges in the same manner as it has been made applicable to General Category students who have been granted admission to Government Medical Colleges.

The State Government is further directed to take necessary steps to ensure that students who are eligible in accordance with the domicile/permanent residence criteria prescribed in the Rules are duly permitted to participate in the counseling and are allotted colleges in the counseling in accordance with the merit-list that has been prepared in the NEET Examination and to complete the said process before the cut-off date and to take all other necessary steps in that regard.

On the request of the learned Govt. Advocate for the respondent/State, it is clarified that in case any difficulty arises in implementing this order, the State would be at liberty to mention it before us and on its doing so, we shall take it up in case any clarification is required to be made by this Court.

Detailed reasons for the conclusion recorded by us are recorded separately. C.C by 2.30 P.M today.


According to various Media Houses we are providing this news-

NEET Counselling को लेकर लगाई गई याचिका में हाइकोर्ट ने आदेश देते हुए कहा, बिना domicile काउंसिलिंग नही होगी। ग्वालियर के अभिनव दुबे व अन्य ने मामले में याचिका दायर करते हुए राज्य सरकार द्वारा दूसरे प्रदेशों के छात्रों को प्रवेश देने के नियम को असंवैधानिक करार देने की मांग की गई थी।
याचिकाकर्ता की ओर से अधिवक्ता आदित्य संघी ने तर्क दिया कि देश के 29 में से 20 राज्यों में सम्बंधित प्रदेश के मूल निवासी (domicile) को ही इन कॉलेजों में प्रवेश देने का नियम है ।
सुनवाई के बाद जस्टिस आरएस झा और जस्टिस सीवी सिरपुकर की युगलपीठ ने उक्त नियम को असंवैधानिक करार दिया है। कोर्ट ने मामले में निर्देश दिए कि निजी मेडिकल, डेन्टल कॉलेजो में प्रदेश के मूल निवासियों को ही प्रवेश दिए जाएं।प्रदेश के निजी मेडिकल और डेन्टल कॉलेजों में प्रवेश के लिए काउंसिलिंग आज से शुरू की जा चुकी है।

(Source – Patrika)

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